The Villa Stucken at Grotiusweg 55 in the district of Blankenese in Hamburg was built in 1907. In its grounds is a swimming pool and tea room which have now been converted into the Poolhaus Gallery where visual artists can set up their work and performing artists can play. At the centre is the swimming pool hall whose white surfaces, together with the “tea house”, portico and entrance area, allow the exhibitions of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures.

The Poolhaus is supported by its friends and neighbours in Hamburg and surrounding areas. The gallery actively supports and encourages a direct “conversation” between the artists and the visitors with the hope that this will engender lively discussions. This is essential because it is the physical presence of the visitor in front of the artworks and his ability to see what they mean, which needs to be communicated.

The private view or Vernissage (German) will take place on Saturday 13 November 2021. The exhibition then runs from 13 – 26 November 2021.

Visitors are welcome to contact me for commissions – see Contact page – or there are books available on the Print page.